Monday, May 17, 2010

Got your needles ready? Ok...GO!

I finally edited my Diana socks pattern and it's ready to be test knit. Anyone up for the challenge? Let me know if you make a pair and how they turn out. (Assuming that you make a pair. If you only make one, then maybe there's a problem....)(With my pattern, not with your attention span.)(Or maybe with the running out of yarn. I had that happen on both pairs that I knit. Take the 220 yds. seriously--I had a 200 yd. skein of yarn that wasn't quite enough and had to use another light green for the toes.)

Also, I disabled comments on the pattern. That way, anyone printing out the pattern doesn't get a page or two of comments. If you want to comment on the pattern you can always do it here. (And comments are always welcome!)

P.S. Lookie-- Mamamidwife gave me a Sunshine Award!

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