Saturday, March 20, 2010

Since I last blogged...

Since I last blogged, I did a thing or two.

I finished Murat's socks.

They started out being "misc. plain socks to knit while reading", but about halfway through, I found out that Murat (from the Mittens for Akkol group) needed blue thin socks that were 10.5 inches long. Since these blue socks are 10.5 inches long, then they must be Murat's. And they are and they're done.

Pattern: Plain vanilla, size 2 dpns 68 sts long. Marathon Boston sock yarn, color 212.

The biggest news? It's a two-parter. DS#2 had his birthday and turned 13! Not only that, but he has finally surpassed me in height. And I'm 5'9.5" so I'm not just a shortie. (Happy St. Patrick's Day--we're both wearing our green.)(That is, I'm wearing green and we have a disagreement over DS's shirt. He calls it green while I call it neon yellow.)

He's only slightly taller than me, but his arm span?


That same night, we went to the winter sports "banquet", that again had not a morsel of food, but insists on calling itself a banquet.

I took sock knitting this time, and only managed to knit the brown stripe and the blue stripe, and most of that was during the opening awards before the sports split up.

That's it. We were out of there in under an hour. The basketball coach may become my new favorite coach. (DD#2 got an award for Most Improved Player. Yeah!) I missed a picture, but the coach's mom had crocheted scarves in school colors for the whole varsity team! What a nice thought, and what a lot of work!

My Myrtille cardigan made a bit of progress. As I made progress, the purl rows didn't seem as bad. Now I'm up to the pattern stitch.

However, this needs to go on the back burner because I've taken on a couple of Akkol projects.

I started a pair of thick socks for Diana. I wanted to do something besides just plain vanilla but had trouble finding a pattern. So I'm making it up. It's turning out well (as I say so myself but shouldn't) and I'm trying to write down the pattern at the same time and may post it.

It has a cable on each side that works up nice and fast. It also goes quickly as it's on size 6 needles with worsted wt and sock wt yarns held together.

In a weak moment, I also took on Elena's sweater. I resisted for awhile since I didn't have the right color yarn, but when I realized I could dye yarn the right color, I gave in.

These are two skeins of Fisherman's wool dyed in bright yellow and green. I figure I'll do another hoodie, and if I knit with two strands held together it'll go quickly. But first, I have to wind the yarn.

This is yarn that I dyed earlier. It'll be used for socks and hopefully matches some odd balls so that I can make stripes.

We went to the library's annual book sale and I found some knitting patterns!

So, nothing earth-shattering happening around here, but still lots of knitting!

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Lynn said...

Great socks! Esp those blue ones. I really like those. And congrats to your son turning 13, but wow already taller than you AND touching the ceiling??? Yikes! I can't imagine knitting socks for him!!!