Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stitch Surfer

A finished object! These are the Stitch Surfer from Knitty.  They would look much better modelled on some feet, but they're too small for any at my house.  Check out the pattern for a better idea of how they look.

They're made by knitting half a row in each color and then doing a wrap and turn and then purling back that row.  Increases and decreases are made in each knit row to get the pattern surfing to the left, and then surfing to the right.

The hardest part is really doing the purling on the way back, and that's just time consuming and not really hard.

They were really quite fun and will be going to M4A on their way to Kazakhstan for their fall sock challenge.  I have time to do one or two more pairs, but this time I think I'll make them plain vanilla.

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