Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dear All the Mamas

Last winter, several ladies from our Mittens for Akkol knitting group got the brilliant idea of writing an ebook. This book would contain patterns that we've created and used to make woolies for "our" kids in Kazakhstan and would be a fundraiser for buying other items for the kids. When Nanci goes and delivers our handknit goodies, she also buys lots of items for the kids. Things that we might consider basic, like their own blanket and shampoo, to things like oranges and nuts for their party, to shoes for the babies. This will help her with all those items.

Well, time has passed,the ladies have put in countless hours of work and it's now ready for purchase!

Dear All the Mamas; Knitting for the Orphans of Kazakhstan is available for a donation of $15.95 to the Motherless Child Foundation through Ravelry. ALL proceeds flow directly to this 501(C)(3) nonprofit public charity to help fund our work for the children in orphanages in Kazakhstan.

Not only does this 70-page eBook feature a collection of 21 PATTERNS, but the knitters of the Mittens For Akkol Yahoo group also have shared our knowledge and experience about knitting for extremely cold weather. We have included several stories about the children and experiences in Kazakhstan, sizing charts, and information for all knitters who enjoy working in wool and providing warm items for others.

To purchase, you can click on the title above, or you can click on this "buy it now" button.

I actually have 2 patterns in the ebook. The first is called "Pick-a-pattern" where you can pick from several 4 st patterns to make socks. Different designers contributed the stitch patterns and I included the coffee bean st.

The other pattern is "Diana socks" that I wrote when knitting socks for Diana, one of the grads from a year or two ago. It's been on my blog for awhile, but I've taken it out and now it will be available only in the ebook.

This is the first time that my patterns have been anything other than self-published and it's all for a good cause.

 Don't you want a copy???

Now back to knitting some socks....

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