Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Same old, same old

Same old, same old around here. Been going to lots of games (both field hockey and soccer) and have been knitting more socks. These socks measure at 29cm which is about 10.5". However, my son with the 12" feet can fit into them comfortably. I don't know what's up with that. Maybe they have a lot of stretch in them.

Patons Kroy denim stripes on size 2 dpns, 64 sts. There's actually still some yarn left over, so I might make a pair of baby socks...

...and that's what I did with this leftover Filatura Lanarota Fashion Toes yarn. They're pretty little, but I'm sure some baby will fit into them just right.

Filatura Lanarota Fashion Toes yarn, size 2 dpns, 36 sts.

Here's the next pair on the needles. These are Lang Jawoll in a pattern that looks like girl tiger stripes.

These are all for the M4A sock challenge that are due in November.

I need to get moving on other items on my to-do list. Christmas presents are being planned, a hat has been requested, and a zebra putter golf club cover has been mentioned. (That'll take some thinking....)


Lynn said...

Love the stripey socks!!! And your son probably fits them well due to the neg ease. He's not trying to claim them is he???

valéria said...

christmas knitting...what's that? ;) I hardly knit at all but I feel the christmasknitting itch no not there...just in the hands and fingers..making it worse am I? ;) But I love the socks and a hat is always great to knit but those golf clubs thingy? I guess it's a sock without a heel?
greets :)