Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boring Post #76

Two more pairs of socks are done. They are both 10.5" long. I call these the girl tiger pair, but they are really Lang Jawoll Color Aktion. This seems like a nice sturdy yarn that will hold up with lots of wear. It came with a separate little skein of yarn to knit in on the heels and toes. I'm not sure I liked knitting with it, though, as it made it almost too thick to knit. 68 sts, size 1 dpns.

This pair is made from Patons Kroy socks in the cascade colorway. I think I'm working through all the colors of Kroy one by one. They are 60 sts on size 2 dpns.

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Lynn said...

Posts are never boring when socks are included! I like them both but I really like the Kroy's. I agree, Kroy is a great workhorse yarn......