Friday, December 09, 2011


Working at a retail craft store during the month of December has it's definite disadvantages. I'm tired, hot, and covered in glitter for the whole month. days off around the holiday. And I have no more answers to any questions for the rest of the day. All the answers have been used up. All.

I don't know what's the best paint to use on dough ornaments. Read the label or, better yet, buy some and try it out. That's what I do. No, we don't sell decorative clothes pins. Here's an idea...decorate your own! We're a craft store, after all. And if I have one more person ask me where the bathroom is...

Sorry, rant over... (if you can't tell, I just came home from work.)

However, there are some advantages to working there, not the least being that I can keep good track of the sales. The store has been clearing out the fall seasonal colors of Patons Classic Wool, and a couple of weeks ago I bought the blue and pink colors for $1.49 each. I've been watching the yellow and orange since then, hoping that it would go lower without getting sold out. Today they went on sale for 59 cents each!

I bought all that was left, so now I have:
  3 sk. petal pink
  4 sk. aquarium
  7 sk. yellow
  8 sk. pumpkin


So, if you're around a big box craft store that starts with an "M" in the next couple of days, see if there's any of this yarn left. But, don't ask where the bathroom is!


Denise said...

My husband is tired of all the questions as well. He works at a grocery store with a K in the meat department. People want to know if they can have a 20 lb turkey exactly 20 lbs not over and not under. Gee I didnt know that real turkeys could be grown to exactly 20 lbs did you? And then they get frozen turkeys the day before the holiday...hmmm did you know you have to actually thaw them before you cook them? And why is the meat so much? Are you getting more meat in? Does my husband look like the President of the company? And they can be very rude too. Do you get that there as well? Luckily I work at home and love not having to deal with the public.

Ruth in So. MD said...

Yep, we run into rude customers all the time, especially at this time of year. And they are remembered.

On the other hand, the really nice customers are remembered also, and brighten up my day when they come in. Some of them seem like actual friends, even if I don't know their names.