Thursday, June 09, 2011

Works In Progress

Welcome, long-neglected blog readers. Thanks for hanging in there even when I'm not blogging. And I'm not blogging for all of the usual reasons:

1. Too busy
2. Computer issues
3. Too hot to knit
4. Too tired to blog
5. Kid on the computer when I want to blog
6. Yadayadayada

And, with all that, I don't seem to be finishing anything.

Starting? I still got that under control.

In an effort to get moving, already, I decided to list my WIPs. Here they are:

This is the biggest project, a hoodie for M4A. I only have left 1 sleeve and the hood, but it's getting so heavy and hot that I rarely want it in my lap.

These are a pair of toddler socks, also for M4A. They're being knit with 3 strands of yarn, going around 1/3 of the way with each color. They're all done except for Kitchnering one toe and hiding the ends. (In fairness, I got the toe done last night, so they haven't been sitting around for days and days.)

In my living room, I set up my spinning wheel and have been spinning this roving from Pucker Brush farm that I got from MDSW. I've worked on it this week also, so it's a current project.

My pentagon sweater is still in timeout, not touched since the last time we talked about it. I'd better get moving, though, as summer is now fully here.

This scarf has also not been touched since last time. It will take quite a lot of knitting, so it's at the bottom of my to-do list.

These socks are another current project. (That must be why I can get anything finished, I have too many current projects going on.)

This pair of baby tights only needs the elastic sewn in.

This is my goal: To finish some WIPs before starting anything new. (Notice I said "some" not "all". I know better than that!)

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