Monday, October 11, 2010

A lovely weekend (and 2 more pairs of socks)

This weekend we went on a quick trip to Florida for DH's nephew's wedding.

Let me just say that "a quarter to 4" is actually 3:45 and not 4:45. 4:45 is not a good time to wake up when it's 15 minutes after our target departure time! (I still can't believe I did that.)

"Wake up, everyone! We need to leave 15 minutes ago!"

In our mad rush, we left one of DD#1's shoes behind. The one that she drove an extra 1.5 hours the day before to retrieve from a friend's house before driving the 3 hours to our house after going to her night school class. Which meant we had to go shoe shopping as soon as we got down there. Which she normally would've enjoyed, but was still too mad about already having the perfect pair of shoes but not being able to wear them. So she bought an almost identical pair.

We made it to the airport okay, but not without some anxiety. The rest of the weekend, though, was much better.

It was a lovely wedding with some great food (I don't think I'm going to cook for the rest of the week. Just saying... we could all go on a diet for a week.) The weekend was full of hanging out with family. Our immediate family of 6 were together for four days, which hardly ever happens anymore. The entire group of cousins (one of which was the groom) were all present, which hasn't happened in years and years (which would mean that it's never happened since a couple of them aren't that old.)

In between all the events, there was some down time, which meant that I had plenty of time to knit. (Yep, I even knitted at the pool.)

I finished a pair of thin socks (the ones that went to the DC United game).

60 sts, sz. 1 dpns, 79 rows foot, 9.25" long. I made them non-matching and like them that way.

The second pair was started down there and finished today (since who wants to do laundry, anyway? Hey, I've doing pretty well. Since getting home today I've been to a field hockey game.)

Patons Classic Wool in Rosewood. Size 5 dpns, 36 sts, 40 rows for the foot. 7.25" length.

The M4A group is getting close to their goal (somewhere over 500 pairs). So, I could probably stop knitting socks at any time.

The question is...will I be able to stop?

It's doubtful.

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