Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dyeing and vests

These pictures were taken several days ago....we'll pretend there wasn't a time delay in-between, okay?

Dyeing some yarn and knitting some vests. That's what I've been doing. My socks and Clapotis have been ignored. I guess I miss the worsted weight if I've been gone for too long.

Been working through those bags of leftovers, and finished a vest--pictured in the middle. Then, I decided to knit another one, this time in bright colors. Had a pink, then dyed a bright orange and yellow.

Then, we went to a movie, so I took it along, thinking...hey, it's just st st, I can do that in a dark theater.

Not! I didn't have anything started, so I had to cast on in the dark. That might've been okay, but I didn't count, just cast on, hoping to count the sts that were knit with double yarn--and count correctly--in the dark.

I know that lots of people are this talented, but not me. Not a chance. After several counting attempts, I ripped out, and counted each st as I cast on. After that workout, though, this is all that I knit. Hardly worth the effort, is it?

In other news, I finally got the courage to try my drop spindle. The spindle works great, the spindle operator needs some work. :) It was fun, anyway, and rather relaxing.

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